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  • Sleep problems?
  • Sleep problems?

    About 25-30% of the population suffers from it. Moreover; sleep problems occur among all ages, 20% of the young people suffer from it. And woman more than man. The main symptoms are:
    • difficulty falling asleep
    • waking up too early
    • wake up tired
  • Insomnia

    Insomnia is the most common form of sleep problems. Symptoms include difficulty falling asleep, staying awake for a long time, waking up too early and unable to fall asleep.

    Usually it is stress related and they are normally temporary in nature. If the symptoms persist for longer than ±3 months, then it is chronic insomnia.
  • Transdermal versus oral
  • Transdermal versus oral

    The major benefit of the sleep patch is that it has a much better bioavilibility (4x times higher) then an oral product. Due to the slow release the patch gives a gradual dose over 8 hours. No peaks occur due to a sudden high dose. Therefor the effect is longer and more even.
    • high bioavailibility (4 times higher)
    • slow release in 8 hours
    • convenient and cheaper in daily use
  • Natural ingredients
  • Natural ingredients

    The sleeping patch contains a blend of 10 enhancing ingredients. The main ingredient is magnesium, which helps the body to make melatonin. There are numerous studies which show that the mineral magnesium plays a major role in the sleep processes. We use magnesium malate, which has the highst bioavailibility.

    The main natural ingredients are: Magensium (malate) 400mg, Potassium 65mg, 5-HTP 65mg, Zinc 5mg and also a blend of sleep enhancing ingredients like (total 6mg): Ashwaganda extract, Chamomile extract, Passion flower extract, Valerian root extract, Hops and L-Theanine.
  • PuroCuro sleep patches
  • PuroCuro sleep patches

    The sleeping patches help you fall asleep better, sleep through and wake up more rested.
    • Package: 30 patches/nights
    • Price: € 29,95

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